Use of Antibiotics Associated with Colon Cancer

Here is yet another article suggesting that overuse of antibiotics is associated with unintended consequences. In this recent article (click here to view), there is evidence that colon cancer in younger people is associated with prior use of antibiotics. Antibiotics are often prescribed for conditions where they have not proven to be curative, or even

New Treatment for Adults with Ear Pressure or Fluid Problems

For adult patients needing “ear tubes” for persistent eustachian tube dysfunction or middle ear infections, a new, minimally invasive technique called EUSTACHIAN TUBE DILATION will be covered by Medicare and Medicaid after January 1st (with other commercial insurances likely to follow soon). This brief, in-office procedure widens the plumbing system for the ear, leading to

New Treatment for Tinnitus Coming Soon?

Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, affects 15% of the population and is often quite difficult to treat. Mann ENT is following the development of a novel and innovative product called the Lenire that may help treat this often debilitating condition. While this treatment is not available yet in the US, we expect it to

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Our Clayton Location Has Moved!

Please Note that effective immediately, our Clayton, NC location has moved less than one mile down Highway 70 to the Summit Medical Center building located at 11618 US 70 Business Hwy W Clayton, NC 27520 (Suite 206). Please visit our “locations and hours” page for further details.

Covid at Mann ENT


Covid-19 Testing We now offer both PCR and Antigen COVID-19 TESTING to all patients on demand. In accordance with the expanded need for Covid-19 testing across the state, Mann ENT offers the PCR test as well as the CareStart Antigen Test (while supplies last) regardless of symptoms or exposure history. PCR results are returned in

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