Hearing Aid

A recent study in the United States has brought to light some interesting findings about hearing loss and the use of hearing aids. The study looked at data from 9,885 adults and found that about 14.7% of them had hearing loss. However, only 12.7% of those with hearing loss were regularly using hearing aids.

The study revealed that people with hearing loss had a higher risk of dying compared to those without hearing loss. But here’s the good news: those who regularly used hearing aids had a lower risk of dying compared to those who didn’t use them at all. This suggests that using hearing aids regularly might actually help people live longer.

This is important because it shows that hearing aids are not just about improving hearing; they could also be about improving overall health and longevity. It’s a call to action for people with hearing loss to consider using hearing aids regularly, and for healthcare professionals to emphasize the importance of hearing aids for overall well-being. This newest study comes on the heels of a recent prior study showing a 46% reduction in cognitive decline (dementia) with hearing aid usage.

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Here is a link to the study itself.

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