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Sinusitis ("sine-you-site-iss") is inflammation affecting the air filled spaces of the skull, known as sinuses. The source of this inflammation can be variable, and may include allergy, anatomic problems, or recurrent infections. Sinusitis affects approximately 37 million people each year in the United States alone.

sinus allergy sinusitis



• Nasal Congestion

• Facial Discomfort

• Headache

• Drainage down the throat

• Fatigue

• Ear fullness or pressure

• Hearing loss

• Dental pain

• Halitosis (bad breath)

• Decreased sense of smell

• Mild Dizziness




Medical treatment of episodic sinusitis usually involves nasal sprays, decongestants, steroids, antihistamines and antibiotics. When symptoms occur more than 4 times per year, or persist for more than 12 weeks, a referral to an ENT specialist is in order.

During a visit to Mann ENT, a full medical history will be obtained, and the symptoms prompting the visit will be discussed. After a full head and neck exam is performed, imaging studies such as a CT scan of the sinuses and an allergy test are often considered.

Sinusitis that does not respond to medical management will often improve with sensitization immunotherapy (allergy shots or allergy drops) or possibly endoscopic sinus surgery, including minimally invasive techniques such as Balloon Sinuplasty, which can now be performed comfortably in our office. As a recent development, biologic therapies have become available, offering hope for the cure of chronic sinusitis with nasal polyps, which can often be a debilitating disease.

What is Balloon Sinuplasty?




Balloon Sinusplasty is a revolutionary new treatment for sinus problems that involves passing a small balloon into the affected sinus opening. This balloon is then inflated and immediately removed in order to open blocked or poorly functioning sinus outlets. Many studies now indicate that this in-office technique, with much reduced "down-time" afterwards, effectively improves or eliminates chronic or recurrent sinusitis in the majority of properly selected patients.

At Mann Ear, Nose & Throat, we are also able to provide complete comfort for patients undergoing Balloon Sinusplasty in our office. We provide an experience where patients may choose to be "asleep" during their procedure, with no memory of the event afterwards.



With these various methods, patients suffering from chronic sinus disease have a real opportunity to improve their quality of life when regular medical therapy has failed.




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