•  Mann ENT will begin open enrollment for a research study to evaluate a promising remedy for patients with dizziness, hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and ear fullness due to Ménière’s Disease.

•  Led by Dr. Brian Boone at Mann ENT.

•  This study will determine the effectiveness of a middle ear steroid therapy protocol for this condition.

•  The entire evaluation and treatment will be performed at Mann ENT at no charge to the patient.

•  A $50 payment will be made to every patient that participates in this study.

•  Potential candidates are chosen by Drs. Mann, Jones, Spector or Boone.

•  Any patient that currently has a diagnosis of Ménière’s Disease, or is deemed highly likely to have this diagnosis after being evaluated as a part of this study, may participate.


Contact us below if you are interested in helping with this important research.

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