Use of Antibiotics Associated with Colon Cancer

Here is yet another article suggesting that overuse of antibiotics is associated with unintended consequences. In this recent article (click here to view), there is evidence that colon cancer in younger people is associated with prior use of antibiotics.

Antibiotics are often prescribed for conditions where they have not proven to be curative, or even helpful, such as chronic sinusitis and recurrent ear infections. These conditions are seen commonly at Mann ENT, and we find that the overuse of antibiotic therapy is still commonplace, especially given non-specific insurance criteria that often mandate antibiotic usage in situations when studies have not shown this to be an effective treatment plan.

At Mann ENT, our doctors are very concerned about the over-prescription of antibiotics. Many recent studies indicate that assessing the true cause of the underlying condition, and providing minimally invasive and potentially curative interventions such as immunotherapy or in office sinus interventions are often the proper treatment plan, while antibiotics should be used judiciously and only with very clear reason.

If you are being prescribed multiple courses of antibiotics for such conditions as chronic sinusitis or other recurrent head and neck infections, visit us at Mann ENT to discuss a different treatment path for your improved future health.

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