For Telemedicine visits, we currently employ several intuitive phone, laptop and desktop platforms. You will be contacted prior to your appointment with simple instructions on how to connect from your computer or smartphone. Telemedicine visits continue to be covered by most major insurance plans to this point.

Planning Your Visit


When arriving for your regular in-office appointment, please call the office number (919-859-4744) FROM YOUR CAR and let reception know you have arrived for your appointment — you will be called into the office when it is time to check in.

You will be screened by triage for fever and screened for symptoms of Covid-19.

As an additional precaution, please do not bring any additional family members or friends to your appointment, if possible.

Covid-19 Pandemic Statement

Covid at Mann ENT

Mann ENT is very concerned about the current resurgence of the COVID-19 virus. We are committed to offering the best ear, nose and throat care while being mindful of your health and safety.

During this time while the virus is continuing to spread, remember to wash your hands frequently, cough into your arm, refrain from large gatherings (50 or more) and practice the recommended “social distance” of approximately 6 feet and get vaccinated. The vaccine has been definitively shown to reduce the chance of death and hospitalization to very low levels even if you contract the virus. All of the providers at Mann ENT have been fully vaccinated.

THANK YOU for your understanding and we look forward to serving your ENT health needs in the future.

*Please note that third-party telemedicine applications potentially introduce privacy risks. Mann ENT activates all available encryption and privacy modes when using these applications. For further information on the emergency governmental approval of telemedicine visit the the Federal Health and Human Services website:

How can Mann ENT help you?

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